Solar System Website

You can find our Solar System page HERE

Requirements for website

  • Your main page must be a "welcome" to your space object. YOu might want to insert your commercials here. Make sure you have a message that welcomes people to your space object
  • You need to have a "Facts" page. You will need to create a Google Presentation that includes 10 facts about your space object and must have at least 5 pictures. Then insert this presentation into your page. Be sure to make it a public document or people won't be able to see your presentation.
  • You need to have a "Links" page. Here you need to include at least 5 links to other sites that talk about your space object.
  • You need to have a "Reference" page. Here is where you need to have your Easybib resources and the urls of any pictures or videos you use.
  • You need to have a "Videos" page. Find at least 2 videos on your space object and insert them into your page. Be sure watch them all the way through to make sure they are appropriate. Do not add any videos that are longer than 5 minutes. Be sure to include the url of the video underneath the video.
Don't Forget!!

  1. You MUST cite where your pictures came from so include the url below the picture. If the url is super long, see me about a url shortener.
  2. You must reference where you get your information from, so use EasyBib to reference the websites you use to get your facts.
  3. Look at my website for ideas on how to set up your pages.