NASA Timeline


Your final goal will be to create a timeline as a group that contains important events and people in the history of NASA.

You will be using the online tool called Prezi. Click HERE to go to Prezi. 

**Sign-Up now using your TeamEureka account information.

After watching the introductory video, click on the LEARN tab to watch 3 other videos on how to do stuff with Prezi.

When you are done watching, click back to the YOUR PREZIS tab and click on 

Create a practice Prezi about whatever you want and start using the different tools to learn how to create one.


Now that you have been placed in your groups. Have 1 person create a new Prezi.

The start a blank Prezi. Once that is done, then.....

A new window will open, 

Once you do that, you will then have to "paste" the link into an email and send it to the other people in your group.

**shortcut for "paste" is "CTRL" + "v"

Click HERE for the list of things that need to be included in your Prezi NASA timeline.

Here is the criteria for each entry on the timeline:
  1. You must include the name of the event or person.
  2. You must include the year(s).
  3. You must include why the event or person is important to NASA's history.
        **include details like who the person is, what did the do, interesting facts, etc. Do the same for events.

****Optional things to include (extra credit)
  • pictures of the person or event
  • videos describing the person or event
  • additional information not required