Mission #4

Enough playing!! It is time to start doing!!

The videos below walk you through some different items that will help you create a tour in Google Earth. Some of it is only informational and you won't actually use it unless you choose to try them out.
The creator of this video is using a Mac computer so some of the ways he tells you to do things will be different on your computer.

***The 2 videos below are kind of long BUT the creator does a great job of explaining how to create your tour. Also, this creator uses a PC computer (which is the type of computer at school) so most everything will be the same as when you do it.***


 Feel free to "pause" the videos and try out the ideas presented in the videos.

Task #1~~Create a new folder in your places panel and call it
                "I want to go"

Task #2~~Think about places you would like to go or things you
                want to see. Search for them and create your own
                place marks within your folder. Include at least 3
                places and NO more than 6.
              ~create placemarks
              ~try the polygon feature
***examples of places or things could be "Space Needle, Seattle" or "Disneyland, CA"***

Task#3~~Click on your folder and play your tour
              ~does it look like you want it to?
              ~what would you like to change?

Task#4~~Email your tour to me hdunn@teameureka.net