Citing your Sources

The easiest tool for citing your sources is a tool called EasyBib. Click HERE to go to the website. EasyBib is great for citing where you get your information from. **When thinking about citing sources, you want to think if the person confirming your sources can get back to your EXACT source without having to search around for it.**

Need some help with using EasyBib?? Click HERE to go to a list of video tutorials that will help you out. These were created by our very own Mr. Reynolds.

Want to create a reference page just for your pictures you found and used from the web?? Click HERE and use EasyBib to help you out.
**When grabbing the url for a picture, YOU MUST CLICK ON THE PHOTO to get its true location. DO NOT grab url when you are in the Google Search page. So, if you see "google search" in the url at all, then you have the wrong url!!**